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Impulse Industries Inc.

Impulse Industries was founded in 1986 and is now in its 30th year. We are commitment to impeccable detail and a philosophy of treating customers with honesty and integrity reflects the Company's foundation. Impulse has a predominate presence in the bulk vending and amusement industry. Impulse has been built on a strong foundation of integrity, loyalty and an unwavering commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations. The reason for our success is our desire to listen to our customers and develop solutions to meet their ever changing needs. Our Manufacturing Innovations, Game Designs, Toy Development and Management Procedures are designed to give our customers the very best in quality, service and income potential.

Impulse Industries has 4 Divisions

Impulse Amusements Route Services:

Is a Service Providing Company which operates over 1,000 regional accounts in Southern California. This division of the company, gives us first hand knowledge of the changing needs in the field. We know what improvements are needed on equipment, merchandise, customer needs, and accounting procedures on a daily basis.

Impulse Industries mfg:

Primary role is to Design & Develop equipment mfg. and graphics for National and International Service Providers, Retailers and Management Companies. Impulse's innovative thinking over the past 30 years has brought many exciting interactive games to the industry, such as: The "Total Fitness Scale", The "Playmore WinMore" interactive bulk vendor, The "Sticker Stack", The "Grip Tester" and The "Impulse Crane". We specialize in manufacturing equipment with a continuity of style, durability, and security features.

Impulse Industries Wholesale Toy Division:

Direct buying power allows us to provide higher value prizes in every machine. With offices in Hong Kong and China, Impulse continually seeks the latest toys and trends and brings them to market. We design our own moulds, and find or create demographically themed product lines such as environmental green Eco Pups, Latino religious jewelry, and super cool blinking bushy balls.

Impulse Industries Management Services:

Using the expertise of over 30 years experience, Impulse has grown to be the largest service provider in Southern California. As the demands of our clients have grown, Impulse has expanded its scope of service to a national level. The highest caliber establishments deserve the absolute best additional revenue programs. Combining Manufacturing of equipment, route service expertise and hot product development is the cornerstone of Impulse's Management Program.